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I used my own real money  (real account)to test out our strategies. Here is what I found.


Shortcut your learning without getting ripped off…


Despite what the YouTube ads would have you believe, real trading is HARD. And for you to do well as a trader, you need to understand the nitty- gritty, else you will loose your hard earned money. This is the reason why we take training and mentorship very serious at VTM TRADING ACADEMY

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because thats the only way you can be profitable trading.


A good mentor can shortcut literally years of learning. If you wanted to master chess, wouldn’t you start by reading all of the best books on the market? Trading is no different.

I often compare trading to chess. A day to learn, a lifetime to master.  (result)


So how do we tell the good mentors from the scams?

Here are a few tips:

But — aren’t all trading educators scams?

I often hear some version of the following:

“If they can really trade, they wouldn’t have to teach.”or

“Those who can, do — Those who can’t, teach”

But the truth isn’t so simple.Besides the pure joy of teaching others, there are many reasons a good trader might want to offer mentorship.

So how can we spot the good mentors?

Protect yourself first.

The truth is, you can never be sure until you try.

Here are few things to consider:

1: Never send anyone money to trade for you.

This should go without saying, but I have heard of cases where people send a trader money that he promises to trade for them. They don’t usually see that money ever again. Just don’t.


2: Do start with paper trading.


3: Watch out for super expensive trading courses.


Most trading courses are in the $100–$1000 range, and but I have seen people selling $10k or even $20k courses. There is absolutely no reason to spend this much! Start small, implement what you learn. A good course should pay for itself in a few trades.


If you follow these three points, you limit your loss to the amount you spent on the course, rather than draining your whole bank account out of cognitive dissonance.


What to look for in a trading educator:


These are good signs:


1: They set realistic expectations. Dont go for get rich over night trading course


2: They cover trade and risk management.


Two traders trade the same strategy — one ends up wealthy while the other one goes broke.


The difference? Position sizing.

Big lot size  and even a good strategy will land you in the poorhouse.


Knowing what and when to buy is only a small fraction of the problem. A complete trading system must also address how to manage a trade, how to diversify, how big of a position to put on, and much more. If you don’t learn this from your mentor, you aren’t getting the full picture and you are likely to fail in the long run.


3: They give education not just “trading signals”.


It sounds great; just get notifications on your phone and buy and sell when the signals come in — yet I have never known anyone who was successful doing this.


Even if the signals are good (narrator: they usually aren’t) if you don’t buy/sell at the exact moment you receive the signal, you may not get the results as advertised.


Worse, many signal services make more calls than you can possibly take, and then parade the “good” calls around as evidence of success. It leaves you feeling like you are the one in the wrong, when in fact the signals are mostly random. The signal provider preys on cognitive dissonance (that phrase again: see the pattern here?), making you think you are the problem.


And finally, you don’t really learn anything from signals — you are totally reliant on someone else for your success.


The whole teach a man to fish thing comes into play here.


What to Avoid.


These are the red flags:


1:They advertise with the “trappings of wealth”.


Watch out for the “Trader Lifestyle” brigade. They advertise their services with the trappings of wealth (cars, watches, girls) and prattle on about freedom and working from the beach. Their target audience is the desperate and the unhappy. Please take note. The real mentors don’t have time to show off.


















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