Introducing VTM Trade Manager

Trade on the GO! without fear, you can easily define your risk amount (in terms of equity %, lot size or absolute dollar)

VTM Trade Manager Features

It trails your position

VTM Trade Manager helps you to trail your position (protecting your profit from reverse breakout)

It takes profit

VTM Trade Manager helps you to take profit from collected positions at a profit target ( controlling your emotions and greed )

Calculates risk management

VTM Trade Manager helps you to calculate risk management from your stop losses

It is mobile friendly

VTM Trade Manager is mobile friendly ( compatible with mobile platform ) VTM trade manager functions

One click button

VTM Trade Manager helps you to close multiple trades at one click of button . (multiple buy/sell positions and all trades)

Manage your trades

VTM trade manager helps to manage your trades when you are away from your system or yourphone without fear.

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